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15 January
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heyy! i'm sami, or sunset. i'm eighteen. 1/15/91; making me a capricorn & an earth sign. i believe in jesus, but my soul is pagan. i'm bisexual; my heart doesn't care about genitals xD btw i'm single :D i live with my dad & stepmom, our 2 dogs [Sid Vicious & Alex], a kitty named Pumpkin of Azeroth [aka Punky or Azzy], and an annoying fucking amazon parrot [bubba]. i graduated high school in may, & i'm still deciding what i want to go to college for. i definitely see computers, nursing, and trading sex for money in my future. xD hahahaha, jk i don't really want to be a nurse.. i love my friends & family, even if i bitch about them sometimes. my journal has been & always will be friends only. YOU MUST COMMENT MY FRIENDS ONLY PAGE IF YOU EXPECT ME TO ADD YOU BACK, I WON'T OTHERWISE. i'm not really mean. add me?! xD we'll be bffs!!

hello kitty. H.I.M. lightning bolts. brass knuckles. crowns. smiley faces. rainbows. skulls. stars. stripes. scene kids. pretty lighters. alice in wonderland. marlboro/camel cigarettes. coffee. sharpies. ICP. art. peace signs.senses fail. bottled water. orange&blue NOS. green monster. red bull. vitamin water. ddp. pretty ink pens. love letters. tattoos. piercings. MSI. techno. penguins. piggies. squids. duckies. sanrio. THE COLOR GREEN.
monsters. zombies. ghosts. reading. WoW. writing. blinkies. penpals. poetry. life. love.

on draenor -
night elf rogue named zarahh.
night elf druid named xalis.

on draenor -
undead warlock named azryn.